Decentralized token of DoKe & DoQe
Develop into a dynamic ecosystem
Dog coin, funny token. King and queen of dogs
Growing 460k + community
And more to come!




Introduction to doke and doqe

Doke and doqe are the new generation of dog coins on the chain. There is a big reason why they are called doke (dogking) and doqe (dogqueen): they will become the leaders of dog coins, the "King" and "Queen" of dog coins, symbolizing power. Through the construction of Multi Chain deployment system, the Multi Chain sharing of digital assets is realized. Compared with other dog coins, doke and doqe have the advantages of high capital utilization rate, low sliding point, small risk exposure of volatile loss, real-time transaction speed and low gas cost.

Doke introduction

Doke is the agreement governance token of uniswap platform, with a total of 10000 trillion dokes, 50% of which are destroyed (10% in five months each month); 10% will be put into the central exchange for trading; 39% entered the market (direct trading on uniswap); 1% for airdrop (free to user doke).

Introduction to doqe

Doqe is based on the tokens produced by doke, with an increment of 210000. Those who hold doqe tokens can obtain doqe tokens through trading. After all 210000 doqes have been issued, they will not be issued any more and will be 100% transparent.


Seven advantages

It's completely decentralized, smart contracts are executed automatically, and no one can modify the rules.


The contract code is completely open-source. Through the double audit of certik and zhizhichuangyu, we can get rid of 99% of the coin circle projects and participate boldly.

The project has no private placement and no pre excavation. Doke and doqe belong to everyone involved.


Relying on the powerful platform background of uniswap, we need doke's traffic to dig doqe with multi application, multi ecology and multi scene!

Buy the token of doke, divided into two kinds of token of doke and doqe, double income, buy and sell the token of doke, all users who hold the token of doqe will get the dividend of doqe


We should innovate the deflation mechanism and 100% destroy the deflation buy back (the market is scarce).

Doqe is a limited number of additional tokens, a total of only 210000, with less and less doqe, the value will only be higher and higher


Why are there three consensus


According to the previous online test in uniswap, doke has increased by more than 999999% so far. Doke has surpassed Dai in only two days, ranking in the top five of uniswap. Its future value is immeasurable!


Doke and doqe now have a certain number of fans and many investors, and have a depth of nearly 10 million usdt, which ensures the continuous rise of doke and doqe.


The skyrocketing effect of platform currency is not over yet. The triple effect of DEX + Moon + platform currency, doke and doqe are now BNB two months ago!


How to buy?


The only place to buy or sell DOKE is uniswap.
There are some centralized exchanges listed on doke and doqe, but CEX has a history of locking up funds.
If you can, it's safer to trade on a uniswap decentralized exchange.